Dunite bricks

Development of “Green” Ceramic Bonded Forsterite Bricks

Grecian Magnesite has recently developed and produced an industrial-scale batch of “Green” ceramic bonded forsterite bricks, a top-notch product with high added value in terms of performance and sustainability.

These value-added bricks with high environmental and economic interest, have been manufactured by utilizing the mining/processing wastes of the Yerakini Dunite, the host rock of our Magnesite deposits, along with DBM pellets made from recycled processing streams.

The development of our new product has been carried out by Grecian Magnesite in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Mathios Refractories, within the MagWasteVal Program (2018-2021, co-funded by the EU).

The bricks display high refractoriness under load and a high cold crushing strength (1550oC and 25MPa, respectively). They can be used in cement and lime kilns, in blast furnaces, and in rotary kilns for the production of magnesium oxide (2/3 of the lining), exhibiting the following main technical advantages:

                •             High refractoriness

                •             Resistance in alkalis attack

                •             Low linear expansion

                •             High resistance in aggressive slags

                •             Sufficient thermal conductivity

                •             Low thermal losses

The bricks are currently being tested for long term performance in two of our rotary kilns, where we expect them to exhibit high stability and excellent performance.